About Us

Our Organization

Our Organization

We are an agile, flexible and goal orientated organization, composed of a diverse group of experienced experts with a variety of professional, cultural and sectorial backgrounds who believe in making a difference through excellence and best practice. Global Best Practice Group contributes to enhancing aid efficiency through strategic, operational and implementation assignments. We operate globally and are represented in Vienna, London, Miami, Dubai and Colombo.


Our Vision

Efficient, transparent, and more effective public and private sector entities that enhance economic development, boost sustainable development, strengthen institutions and communities, and achieve equality and foster innovation through better utilization of public investment.

Our Mission

To promote integrity, efficiency, and best practice in public and private sector implementation by nurturing and developing principles, processes, people, and practices to maximize public investment, attain optimum performance levels and achieve strategic objectives.


Global Best Practice Group’s co-founders have key strategic experiences as staff members of UN, EU, international and blue-chip private sector companies. They manage a team of seasoned professionals to implement development projects globally with an emphasis on best practices in the areas of humanitarian operations, human development and health, procurement and logistics, infrastructure, education, statistics and data, livelihoods, social development, poverty reduction and knowledge management in particular with a high focus on government spending and its relation to public procurement.

Global Advisory Board

GBPG Advisory Board Members offer a broad array of knowledge and practical expertise, alongside remarkable achievements in economic, development and social sectors.

Senior Management Team

The GBPG Senior Management Team ensures high-quality project deliverables based on strategic experience, expert knowledge of the development sector and a passion for innovation.



We ensure that public investments through donors and investors are leveraged and utilized to maximum capacity. We distinguish ourselves by our energy, efficiency and excellence. We pride ourselves on short turnaround times and "best in class" attitude, with the ability to be on the ground with the people that matter, listening and analyzing the whole context to achieve and provide credible deliverables, through empathy, clarity and responsiveness.

Our Story

From a park bench in Vienna and trans-global virtual coffee groups, through adversity in the COVID lockdown and mutually working together on development projects: An advisory star was born. Our advisory group developed from a strategic coming together of a global expert network London-Vienna-Colombo-Miami-Dubai to pool their mutually aligned resources and intermesh their skills to reach new levels of attainment, fulfill the deep desire to work with high quality advisory partners, and a determination to use our expertise to have an impact on the development industry for global benefits.