Business Resilience

Most senior managers in private and public organisations are fully conversant with getting the crucial area of Business Resilience and Business Continuity Management correct.

However, given the current and potential paradigm shifts in geopolitics, macroeconomics and potential sovereign defaults, how many organisations and commercial entities review, refresh, stay on top of and continually revisit their Business Resilience Plans (BRPs) in light of these emerging and existential challenges?

Global Best Practice Group (GBPG) are acutely aware of the potential impact these emergent threats may have on the partners we currently work with. In ensuring that strategic and senior operational managers are adequately preparing their organisations, stakeholders and staff to meeting these dynamic challenges head on, GBPG will be offering current and new clients the opportunity to review their strategies and contingency plans.

GBPG can help businesses and organisations to ‘walk through’ the learning process in a structured manner which informs strategic planning, crisis management structures, operational processes and liquidity contingency plans. ‘Resilience Reviews’ of individual business pillars underpinning organisations will be searching and thorough.

We take the time to constantly assess emerging challenges, threats and opportunities to understand the potential impact these may have on those we work with. GBPG can also bring experts and tools which allow organisations to assess how well prepared their most important stakeholders may be.