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Global Best Practice Group Founding Principles

GBPG was founded on the core concept of delivering high-quality project deliverables. Whether implementing strategic organizational processes, performing comprehensive analyses, or advising authorities and managers with a holistic and seasoned perspective, GBPG leaves no stone unturned in the quest for the highest standards of performance and optimal project results. This is not only a promise; achieving these objectives is infused in the professional DNA of each of our diverse array of development experts.

We have the depth of experience and appropriate knowledge to both grasp and address operational challenges across the development field and in many sectors. We are also proud to possess the emotional intelligence and human respect to ensure meaningful bonds with project staff, clients, stakeholders, and beneficiaries. We consistently pursue an inclusive, "no one gets left behind" philosophy in project implementation and service delivery.

Our working principles are centred on moving forward positively, and building on momentum and successes. This process is enhanced by consistently applying globally-recognized benchmarked standards, by listening to, learning from and understanding our clients, and being systematic and methodical in decision-making at all levels to complete tasks and attain objectives. Global Best Practice Group focuses on endeavour combined with practical agility, stability and persistence in the midst of challenges, continuous innovation at all times, and tenacity and courage in overcoming real-life obstacles. These are the core principles to which we fully commit.

Malcolm De Silva
Group Chairman
Global Best Practice Group

Senior Management Team

Malcolm De Silva

Group Chairman

Malcolm is a leading international development expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Uniquely, he has served on the staff of the Asian Development Bank, European Space Agency, European Spallation Source, European Southern Observatory, International Atomic Energy Agency and Mercy Corps.

His experience in high-level management scenarios has been developed by his presence on various executive management teams in globally changing science, engineering and infrastructure projects and facing frontline humanitarian challenges. From these varied experiences, he has been a global innovator in shaping project design and pioneering and forging institutional implementation processes, including building robust organizational structures, strengthening procurement systems, and providing targeted advisory services to governments, multilateral organizations, national development agencies and NGOs engaged in pathfinder projects, institutional reform and performance optimization.

He is the founder of Global Best Practice Group which was driven by his passion for a better, brighter and more relevant future for the international development sector driven by impact, attainment and performance.

Kewal Thapar

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Global Best Practice Group, Kewal has purview over GBPG’s project portfolio and is the Principal Expert for institutional strengthening activities, innovative financing mechanisms, climate finance, infrastructure development, food security, natural resource management, and utility sectors together with project management.

Kewal has 40 years of combined international consulting, executive and professional experience as a practitioner, consultant and decision-maker. He has been an independent specialist consultant to international financing and development institutions like the Asian Development Bank, United Nations and the World Food Programme at the country level for loan and technical assistance projects. He has undertaken several strategic planning and knowledge management assignments as a senior advisor in the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia.

Kewal began his professional career as a member of the Indian Civil Services, and worked with both central and state governments in a number of positions and departments including the Under Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Government of India. As a senior consultant with consulting firms in India (Tata Consultancy Services) and subsequently, in the UAE (KPMG) he project managed a range of challenging assignments for large privately-owned groups and government entities.

Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors provide their vision, focus and dedication to attain best of class results by utilizing their broad knowledge, big personas and extensive project expertise to bring realistic strategic guidance to organizational development and critical path direction. They improve management for best performance and enhance global development projects at strategic levels.

Colin Carlile

Senior Advisor

Colin is one of the rare individuals who has created and led a major international organization, the European Spallation Source (ESS) - a 2 billion Euro scientific research greenfield infrastructure project, in Lund, Sweden. As its founder and Director General, Colin built ESS from a single office into a 300-person, 13-member state operation and one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects in the world. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the Royal Swedish Order of the Polar Star. Previously, he was the Director of the International Research Centre, the Institut Laue Langevin, located in Grenoble, France. He brings the highest levels of experience and knowledge in person- management, science and technology and leadership to achieve high-risk organizational challenges.

David Baxter

Senior Advisor

David is a global expert in Public Private Partnerships and a renowned global influencer in procurement and global anti- corruption initiatives. During 30-plus years of consulting, his work has had an impact in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America. He has collaborated on infrastructure policy, project development, and project procurement for the leading development institutions such as World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, African Development Bank, USAID, DAI, Booz Allen, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. He has supported several public sector capacity-building initiatives to help governments move boundaries and perceptions to improve governance and procurement national practices. A specialized focus has been promoting Public-Private Partnerships through the World Association of PPP Units and PPP Professionals (WAPPP) championing international PPP best practices where he has helped donor institutions and development banks providing technical and capacity-building support in sectors such as water and sanitation, transportation, healthcare, education, and tourism.

David Kinley

External Relations Advisor

Publicizing the real-life impacts of multilateral aid programs has been a principal focus of David’s prolific writing, editing and publishing career. He’s served on the staffs of the World Bank, UNDP, and IAEA for over three decades, and with several educational NGOs and Columbia University. David has brought to life events from agribusiness initiatives in the African Sahel and Central America to water supply, sanitation and agriculture modernization projects in Asia. Synthesising data, publishing and promoting major organizational findings through worldwide print and electronic media, and advising on the public information activities of U.N. agencies and multilateral development banks, David has reached out and influenced policymakers, legislators, taxpayers, aid donors, academics and citizens globally.

Nihal de Run

Special Envoy to Sri Lanka

Nihal counts on 40 Years of experience in Sri Lankan Commerce, Trade and Development. After a successful career in the Sri Lankan tea industry he emigrated to Australia where he was active in the fields of purchasing, supply and logistics management with companies such as LM Ericsson, Mobil Oil and Bowater Scott. Nihal has been involved in a series of high-level fundraising and implementing initiatives to support local development in Sri Lanka and assist those most at need, liaising with stakeholders and raising awareness for initiatives both in Sri Lanka and abroad. He was fundamental actor in the construction and opeartion Accident & Emergency Trauma Department at the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa. He also supports a range of causes and leads a new initiative virtually partnering rural Sri Lankan school children with volunteer tutors, to enhance their English skills and employment prospects.

Lead Experts

Goncalo Serra

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Gonçalo has over 15 years of professional experience leading projects in the areas of procurement, innovation strategy, open innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability in Private, Public and Social Sectors in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, UK), Africa, South America, Middle East (Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon) and the USA.He has held senior roles in consulting firms, such as EY and CGI, in Brazil, Angola, and Spain regarding procurement strategy and innovation projects.As an independent consultant, he developed open Innovation and start-up engagement programs and public procurement projects. He has also been an advisor for innovation and sustainability at the Lisbon Municipality a leading procurement driver in Portugal, leading a strategic plan to scale sustainability by developing open innovation, procurement innovation, data analytics and AI/ML, and e-Procurement projects. He is a member of the Portugal Innovation in Public Procurement and the 20230 Green Procurement Strategy team. Gonçalo acts as a Public Procurement and Innovation Expert at the European Commission and is a member of the European Innovation Procurement Awards (EUIPA) jury.

Kate Ramil


Kate specializes in Gender and Development and works as the Director for Strategic Partnerships of SPARK Philippines, a premier women's NGO in the Philippines. She also currently lectures at De La Salle University Manila for undergraduate students. She is the Chair and Founder of Campus Erasmus Mundus, an NGO that focuses on higher education, internationalization, and student mobility, as well as co-founded YMCA Rinali, an NGO for social innovation and inclusion. Kate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from De La Salle University Manila and a European Master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Hull in the UK and Universidad de Granada in Spain under the Erasmus+ scheme. She is a current fellow at the Salzburg Global- Asia Peace Fellowship.

Andre Murdock

Enterprise Architecture and Big Data

Andre has extensive experience managing developers and engineers, as well as being a data and system architect. He has over 17 years of being in the data management space focusing on creating master data management & driving value from data led solutions. Leveraging data with technology for insights into advancements in business became his speciality. He is an expert with implementing customer, vendor, and product master data management while utilizing supporting systems ERP, ETL, and eCommerce. He has a proven track record of using a three tiered approach to solutions keeping people, process, and technology a priority. As a result, he has delivered strategic solutions by collaborating and coordinating with clients to have a high return on investment. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University in Engineering Physics and Master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Systems Engineering, USA.

Lulzim Morina

Humanitarian Assistance Capacity Development Expert

Lulzim is a long standing humanitarian and development professional with over 25 years of experience in the field, overseeing program operations management, organizational development, and learning and leadership. He has vast experience in administration and capacity development in aspects of planning, project management, HR, procurement and finance primarily through being Head of Operations for Mercy Corps in Turkey and other locations such as Sudan. Among others he has successfully applied income generation, market system developments, multi sectoral response approaches and resource capacity building to impact on local communities. Throughout his career he has encountered a variety of challenges and hurdles, to which he has provided context specific and innovative solutions, that provide him with the tools to pass on these critical insights to gain maximum leverage and optimal success ratios.